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What are Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are any chemical ingested to improve mental performance. Some improve overall IQ, while others are more focused e.g. on memory boosting or attention span or creativity. The official medical term for smart drugs is nootropics.

Smart drugs have been called the academic athlete's steroids. But this comparison may not be fair. For one, smart drugs are not illegal. For two, nonprescription smart drugs have few if any ill health effects.

Why does support smart drugs? Because life isn't fair. The opponents of smart drugs are generally people who never needed them. They suggest you just try harder. Proponents are those who struggled in school, experienced the benefits of smart drugs, and understand that we are not created equal... but we can buy equality. is pro choice. You decide if smart drugs are right for you, or not.

How do Smart Drugs Work?

Smart drugs work by selectively enhancing your brain powers. Smart drugs allow you to exaggerate abilities you already have. You're already familiar with some smart drugs in your kitchen, like coffee, and with dumb drugs, like alcohol - though it may never have occurred to you to think of them this way.

How smart drugs work to switch on your brain vary. A smart drug may work by increasing one or more brain neurotransmitters (cascading), increasing blood flow to the brain (flooding), increasing permeability of neurons membranes (plasticity), and some even go so far as to turn on smart genes (upgrading).

Smart drugs come in a spectrum of delivery vehicles ranging from pills, powders, pastes, and patches to injectables (pins).

The medical name for smart drugs is nootropics, a term coined by psycho chemist Dr.Giurgea - the grandfather of modern smart drugs. His creation, Nootropil (Piracetam) is so inherently safe that it can be purchased without a prescription.

He created the Five Laws of Nootropics:

  • A smart drug must enhance learning and memory.
  • A smart drug must have very few side effects and extremely low toxicity.
  • A smart drug must protect the human brain from physical and chemical injury e.g. learning even while consuming alcohol.
  • A smart drug must increase brain efficiency.
  • A smart drugs must increase learning and memory even in disruptive environments e.g. cold, low oxygen, noisy room, etc

Are Smart Drugs Cheating?

No. Cheating means breaking school rules. These rules are defined in college bylaws or codes of conduct. Smart drugs and nootropics use are typically not defined in these documents.

Using prescription smart drugs like Adderall without a prescription, e.g. borrowing your friend's, is not cheating but it is illegal.

Are Smart Drugs Fair?

It depends on where you draw the line. Aerobic exercise and taking vitamins also help scholastic achievement. Are they unfair too? Intelligence, like beauty, is largely genetically determined. Is it unfair for a homely girl to wear makeup and booby inflatables and steal the jock from the prom queen natural beauty? So why is it unfair for a struggling student to even the odds against his gifted counterpart through smart drugs in a play where the cards were not dealt evenly?

How to Use Smart Drugs

The first rule of using smart drugs: "don't if you don't need to" i.e. try to maximize your academic performance natures way before chemically augmenting your performance. Most students with just the techniques, gear, and books recommended on this site can make an A grade without reaching for smart drugs.

The role for smart drugs is when you give it your all and still fail, feel overwhelmed, or have a grade point emergency. That's when nature needs a hand.

There are a few concepts you need to grasp before you grab a bottle of smarts:

Smart Drug Stacking

Each smart drug has a limited brain effect profile i.e. one may work on memory while another helps focus. By combining two or more smart drugs you can augment multiple brain faculties e.g. coffee and piracetam, or use one to inhibit a side effect of the other e.g. taking melatonin before bed to switch off a caffeine mind fever. This combination of smart drugs is called a stack and is very powerful in the hands of a skilled Study Crammer but should not be attempted without talking to your doctor first.

Smart Drug Cycles

Some smart drugs can lose effect with prolonged or heavy use in the same way that you build tolerance to frequent alcohol use for example. But this habituation can be overcome by cycling smart drugs periodically. When the brain adapts and a desired effect is no longer forthcoming you cycle the smart drug to another and return to it later. Cycling smart drugs is another sign of a Study Cram maestro.

Smart Drugs Dangers

Smart drugs available without a prescription are generally very safe. In high doses one may experience nuisance side effects of brain overstimulation: jitteriness, euphoria, depression, insomnia, vivid dreams and other wired effects but generally no life threatening ails.

Perhaps the biggest danger of smart drugs is psychological dependence. That is to say, always taking the easy way out, a dose for every study session. It can be difficult to study natural after feeling the power of smart drugs. It's like choosing to ride a bicycle again when you know there's a motorcycle in your mental garage.

Prescription strength smart drugs do have associated side effects and should only be taken on the advice of your family doctor. The more you use, and more often you use, the higher the chance of side effect dangers which can graduate to serious things like heat attacks and psychoses.

Smart drugs should not be used under 18 years of age or if pregnant without consulting your doctor.

Using Smart Drugs Preparation

Before a smart drug passes your lips you should:

  • Research it. Read the manufacturers monograph. Read the instructions carefully. Pay attention to how much and how often. Making errors in either of these two details can make you ill.
  • Have a physical with your family doctor including baseline blood work. If you're B12 or iron deficient, or hypothyroid, you may simply need that fixed to perform stellar at school without needing a smart drug. Comprende.
  • Get your smart drugs from a reputable supplier. If you'd like to use our service, buy smart drugs here.
  • On taking your first dose of a smart drug, use half the recommended dosage in case it doesn't agree with your body. If well tolerated, then gradually increase until you feel a notable difference or reach the dose limit recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Take smart drug holidays i.e. take breaks off your smart drugs especially on vacations when you won't need them anyway.

Smart Drugs Books

Here are some good books to get you started with smart drugs, from credible sources.

Best Legal Smart Drugs Over the Counter

These are the most popular smart drugs over the counter, available without a prescription! To figure out which smart drug is best for your needs click what interests you for more information and sources (multiple smart drug information pages open - please allow temporary pop-ups to see them all):

Best Smart Drugs with a Doctor's prescription

  • Ritalin
  • Adderall
  • Concerta
  • Dexedrine
  • Aricept
  • Provigil / Modafinil
  • Strattera
  • Phenytoin
  • Bupropion
  • Thyroid hormone

Buy Smart Drugs

Finding smart drugs to buy can be a hair pulling, frustrating experience as smart drugs are not yet mainstream. In a big city your best bet is looking at the largest health food store you can find.

An easier alternative is to buy your smart drugs online. Typically your order will be on your doorstep in one to two weeks. And you can save $$$ by buying in bulk and because online suppliers have lower overhead than brick and mortar stores.

If you're interested in buying over the counter smart drugs through our partner smart drug store click here:

If you're interested in buying prescription strength smart drugs you will need a prescription from a medical doctor and must buy these smart drugs from a licensed pharmacy. The reason for this restriction is that prescription strength smart drugs are very potent with potentially harmful side effects without dosing limitations and professional monitoring. Taken under a doctor's supervision they are well tolerated and relatively safe.

Smart Drugs Forum

Leave your smart drug comments or questions in the green forum box below. In the side bar to the right you'll find reviews on each of the best smart drugs available...

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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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