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It sounds counterintuitive but more sleep, not less, may help you get better grades. Most students aren't getting enough sleep, or they get enough hours but poor quality, superficial sleep.

sleep study aids

Sleep is so important that all animals do it. So important that we can die without it. So important that humans devote about a third of their life to sleeping.

In our drive to do more in less time we frequently trim time from our sleep to give to our projects. But efficiency gains through sleep deprivation are short lived and over time we get less done in the same amount of time. Projects take longer. Without adequate sleep, focus gets scattered, memory evaporates, and motivation slumps. After a deep rest, you can do more, in less time. Skimping on sleep is false economy!

On average, we need approximately 7-8 hours a night. Some people more, some less. An easy way to determine what your sleep needs are is during your next summer vacation go to sleep when you feel tired each night for a week and get up when your body wakes. Keep track of the times. Now use the average. That's your ideal sleep time. If your sleep time is outrageous you can try using stimulants (smart drugs) during the week and sleep in on weekends to make up.

How to Use Sleep Study Aids

First try natural sleep solutions before resorting to pills. Simple daily exercise, a healthy diet, and sticking to a scheduled sleep routine can reduce your chance of developing dysfunctional sleep.

Melatonin Sleep Aid

How does your brain let you know when its time to say goodnight? Melatonin. This chemical messenger is released by your brain to say when it's time for lights out. As the day progresses your brain produces and stores this hormone until it reaches threshold by bedtime. It cascade into your bloodstream producing a wave of yawns, stretches and bedroom eyes. Because of the light bulb, our natural melatonin cycle response to diminution of light as night progresses can be corrupted.

And all sleep is not created equal. Just because you're asleep doesn't mean you're getting a good sleep. A sleep tossing and turning or grinding your teeth is not as restorative as a tranquil sleep. By artificially taking melatonin tablets at bedtime we can assist our natural sleep cycle and produce a better quality, depth, and efficiency of sleep.

Follow the instructions on your bottle. Remember to take it an hour before bed for best results.

Antihistamines Sleep Aid

Most over the counter allergy medicines cause sleepiness. Including the "non drowsy" variants - just less so. Some good sleep aids would include: benadryl, reactine, claritine, and gravol . They are best taken 2-4 hours before expected bedtime. If you wake groggy use half as much the next night, or try taking it earlier so that it's worn off by the time you awake.

Do not use "Cold and Sinus" preps. They contain pseudo ephedrine (adrenaline) mixed with an antihistamine. Pseudo ephedrine is a potent stimulant. You will not sleep well on these preps. You need pure antihistamines for Cinderella sleep.

sleeping student

Natural Sleep Aids

Don't forget to try simple sleep hygiene solutions such as:

  • Don't exercise too close to bed time. The innervation will keep you tossing all night.
  • Don't drink just before bed to avoid waking to pee.
  • Use your bed only to sleep. Not to read in. Not to watch TV in.
  • Don't consume coffee or tea 4 hours before bed time or that cup will keep you tossing.
  • Keep to a rigid sleep time. Don't keep your body guessing. Stick to a routine.
  • Try relaxation exercises for 15min before bed e.g. tai chi or yoga.
  • Practice sensory deprivation - use ear plugs and eye mask.
  • Pay attention to your sleep surroundings. An uncomfortable bed, rough covers, noisy hot room etc can be a nightmare.
  • Practice catch up sleep on weekends. Turn off the alarm and sleep in until your body gets you up and your weekdays you'll be recharged ready to go.

Buy Sleeping Aids

If you're looking for melatonin, sleep sounds, eye masks, ear plugs etc for improving your sleep, check out our sleep store section at

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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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