Exam Test Cheats

"I don't recommend you try any of these exam test cheats as they are unethical :P and if you get caught consequences could be dire. We share them for educational purposes only..."

Here are some classic exam cheats I've witnessed:

  • In exams where calculators were allowed I've seen guys with basic computer skills code in equations and constants into the calculators memory and sometimes whole text passages. I did this hack once in a Physics exam and was so scared of being caught I ended up not using my ill gotten loot.
  • A group of guys occupied the back row of an exam class room. The supervising teacher didn't notice how tired they appeared to be - yawning and looking up at the ceiling - which had equations and formulae scribbled across it in pencil...

Here's some of the "best" exam cheat sites I've come across:



Exam cheats require vulnerability in the examination environment in order to function without being apprehended. Minor exams tend to have lax controls making exploits easy. Important exams / finals are well guarded with restricted access, close scrutiny etc Cheating under these conditions is exam suicide.

If you apply the legal study methods +/- smart drugs outlined on this web site you will have no need to resort to the above skullduggery. The need to cheat always suggests a weak foundation and weak study skills. Crammers laugh at lame cheaters and slay them at exam time. Be a crammer, not a cheater...

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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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