Cell Phone Class Notes Study Hack

StudyCram Cell Phone Note Taking Hack 1:

Using your cell phone camera is a lightning fast note taking method. Just point, click, and the whole blackboard contents are yours in under a second. This note taking method frees your hands from writers cramp, frees your mind to concentrate on information delivered, and frees up your time to chill between teacher sound bites.

Tips to use Cell Phone Note Taking

  • Sit toward the front of the class. If you have to sit further back try using the digital zoom to capture the text.
  • If the blackboard or whiteboard is very wide, sit on either side of the classroom or auditorium to compress the blackboard image by perspective. Sitting in the middle can make it hard to capture the whole board in one shot, and tends to be distracting to your neighbors.
  • Email your notes from your cell to yourself after class. Create a "notes taken" folder in your email program on your laptop or desktop and save the pictorial notes all in one spot there.
  • Don't make it obvious. Many teachers are camera shy and will demand you stop - if they see what you're doing. So don't seat yourself in the front row. The second row gives you a good view of the board and shields you from view. Takes your snapshot notes when the prof is looking at the other side of the class or facing the board.

This technique can be mixed with traditional note taking ie big chunks of writing port to your cell and smaller bits port to your pad. It's also a neat way to quickly capture timetables, library hours, exam schedules etc

StudyCram Cell Phone Lecture Recording Hack 2:

Most modern cell phones can also record dictation. That's neat because most profs with if you bring in a tape recorder to class. But cell phones look innocent. To make this work you'll need to buy extra micro SD memory for your phone. Sit toward the front of the class. Set it to dictation. Rest it on your desk and you're done.

You can then transfer the recordings to your laptop by swapping the memory card (fast) or email the sound bites to yourself (slower). These can then be burnt onto CD or loaded to your iPod to listen to on the way to and from class each day.

Picture capture and speed note taking is preferable for library and home study time as it's much faster to scrub through pages or photos for what you're looking for than through an audio timeline. But lecture recording is a great way to keep up on your work if you have long bus or subway rides to class or lying in bed with your eyes closed.

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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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