Baseball Cap Study Hack

There may be a good reason truckers and baseball players wear baseball caps. Caps force you to focus.

Truckers need to concentrate on the boring road ahead for hours as they drive. And baseball players have to concentrate on the pitcher ahead of them while blocking out the screaming fans in the stands and sun overhead. It should be no surprise that the baseball cap and trucker cap are so similar in design as they're both made for the same purpose - to concentrate on what's important in front of you and ignore what's not to your sides and above you. Draftsmen and tennis players also have their own variants of the same front peaked caps.

Baseball caps boost concentration by excluding the nonessential parts of your visual field. When you put on a baseball cap the top of your vision and some of your side vision is immediately cut out leaving less to attend to. Your focus gets narrowed to the center where the action is and away from distracting side events. The same trick is used through blinders to direct horses forward down a street.

To try a study baseball cap for yourself, choose a cap that's not too tight - you should be able to slip your finger under the headband - and a neutral gray, white, or black. If it's new, bend the edges of the peak so that it forms a curve over your vision like looking through a curved bridge. Try it for a couple weeks and see if you're rewarded with a concentration of steel.

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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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