The Best Study Methods and Study Skills, Period.

Study Cram is a collection of the best study methods and study skills ripped off from some of the best students on the planet. We combined their jealously guarded college study skills and secrets with brand new study methods developed by study hacking - i.e. study skill observation, analysis for weaknesses, and process improvement. Our powerful study techniques in your hands will transform you from class zero to college hero.

Just imagine a world where school doesn't suck... where you have more time to do things you like to... and still be cranking out top grades. For those in the know, it's not a college fantasy, it's their reality.

So we ask: "Why be stupid when you can be smart?"


About our Study Method and College Study Skills

Study Cram study methods are carefully chosen to be fast, simple, and maximize grades with less time and less effort. We do this by leveraging study techniques and technology that's easy to master. We ask: "Why spend more time studying than you have to? Why work harder studying than you need to?".

Study Cram Study Method 1: Study Skill Stealing

The corner stone of the Study Cram Study Method is looting the techniques of the best of the best students to share.

Medical students were chosen as the focus group for this heist as each mark must have a GPA of 3.5 or more to gain entry to a medical college. On making it into a medical school their good study skills are further refined to great study skills under the enormous pressure of the toughest course load in the world - they must endure loss of sleep, balance hands on with theoretical work, sit through long boring lectures, and digest huge volumes of information, and still ace their exams. Either they keep up or flunk out. These unreasonable circumstances have forced them to evolve a collection of the best study skills to survive and thrive in college.

Study Cram shares the insider study skills and shortcuts of the biggest brightest nerds in our school system so can crush exams too.

StudyCram Study Method 2: Study Technique Hacking

The second pillar of the Study Cram Study Method is adaptation of technology to exaggerate study power. A nerdy tortoise with a rocket pack on it's back will beat a rabbit every time. Each study technique hack chosen had to be pretty safe, school legal, convenient, and accessible to be recommended. Every step in the study procedure was hacked to see if more time could be squeezed out or study effectiveness otherwise boosted by nontraditional means.

Myths About Study Skills and Techniques

There are several myths about effective study you need to get over if you want to walk on water figuratively speaking:

  1. Slow is better. Nonsense. How long does it take you to recall a photograph or an event. Less than a second. Slow inculcation is the result of poor information presentation and encoding. Reading is an artificial relational medium.
  2. Cramming leads to a weak knowledge base. Well the truth is that up to 90% of what you learn in school you'll never use again in your career - and you'll forget most of it anyway. So why not cram it, get it out of the way, and have more time to do the things you really want to be doing? The really important, useful stuff sticks through repetition anyway because it keeps turning up in your life. The rest is just for the exam show.
  3. Study has to hurt. No pain no gain for study is patent nonsense. You have no trouble remembering your favorite movie or song and you enjoy remembering it. The problem with our educational system is the formats used to present information suck.
  4. Study techniques are cheating and weaken your mind. BS. Many study techniques like mnemonics used regularly actually strengthen your cognitive muscle by programming your brain how to work more efficiently. Many act as scaffolds which help you to get information in and dissolve away when no longer needed.
  5. You're not smart enough. Crap (Criticism, Rejection, Asses & Pressure). The "pygmy effect" means that if society, your teacher or your classmates expect you to perform poorly, and you believe it, you will. Believe in yourself. That's Motive. will give you the Means. And school is your opportunity. Motive, Means and Opportunity = whodunit? You did.

What Study Crammers Believe

  • All that matters is what you write on your final exam. Fancy notes, being the teachers pet, reading the entire library, sitting at the front of the class, sticking your hand up for every question, dressing fly, etc aren't worth a can of beans. However you get your answers right on your tests is what matters. Period.
  • Knowledge is disposable. There's nothing sacred about it. Cram it. Crush it. Spit it out when you're done and move on.
  • You are damn smart. Or you can be, if you try.

How to Use the Study Cram Methods, Study Techniques and Study Skills

Your first stop should be the Study Crammer Hall of Fame. Get yourself fired up with these real life inspirational stories then dive into the methods how to study. Motivation is an extremely powerful tool to boost your study skills.

This Study Cram site is organic. Jump to whatever articles catch your eye, then fill in any mental blanks later.

Try each new study method technique for 4 weeks before abandoning it. How long did it take you to learn to type? Now you can type faster than you can handwrite right? If you'd given up after the first couple days struggling to tap out letters you'd never have realized what a powerful time and effort saver typing is right? So give each study method a chance. Practice it. If it's not helpful by a month of trying, then discard it with our blessing and move on.

Drop us your comments on each page. We love to hear from you and each other. If you develop your own technique share the loot!

Better grades equals better jobs equals a better life. Use what works. Discard what doesn't. And share your own findings and ideas with the Cram Syndicate Community. Study Crammers unite!

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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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